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How to Open Your Pool

Expert tips for opening your pool

By Terry Arko

Photo courtesy CoverLogix

Every season, swimming pool owners are confronted with removing cloudy and algae-infested water. This article offers a simple program to clear up those nasty ‘swamp pools.'

A cloudy green swamp is the last thing you want to see when you remove a pool cover. The following steps can help deal quickly with a swamp pool and return it to pristine blue—clear, clean, and ready to enjoy. This program is for chlorine pools only.

Step 1: Verify all equipment is in good working order. This includes checking all baskets for debris, especially the pump lint pot basket and filter. Ensure the filter is working properly and there is good circulation throughout the system.

Step 2: Super chlorinate the pool by adding six times the normal amount of chlorine you would normally use to kill existing algae and oxidize organic waste. For example, if you usually add 4 l (1 gal) of liquid chlorine to maintain the pool, super chlorinate it using 24 l (6.3 gal). Also, add a natural clarifier at a rate of 60 ml to 118 ml per 18,930 l (2 oz. to 4 oz. per 5000 gal) to help remove dead floating algae. Brush the entire pool with the filter system on, being careful to watch the filter pressure. When the pressure exceeds 10 psi above normal, backwash the filter until normal readings are restored. The next day, be sure to vacuum dead algae off the pool floor and brush the entire pool again, checking the pump and all baskets for debris. Backwash the filter media again if pressure exceeds 10 psi above normal.

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