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Party Time: Manage Your Menu

By Kristine Archer

Russell Day says when it comes to summer menus, fresh and light is the way to go.

“Fresh fish, fruit, mixed greens and fruit-infused vinaigrettes should be incorporated into your menu,” he says. “Especially in the summer, it is more appreciated when the food is simple and tasty. No heavy sauces need to be prepared when a chunky fruit salsa will do.”

Storage and food safety are two prime concerns, especially during months when the weather can wreak havoc on an outdoor buffet.

“Obviously, during the summer months you will need to refrigerate your food before serving, so make sure there’s lots of space in your fridge,” Day says.

While certain sinful summer treats are bound to make their way on to the menu, Korey suggests keeping health-conscious choices in mind when preparing your spread.

“Rather then presenting the usual chips or fried hors d’oeuvres,” Korey says, “why not flare up your party with some homemade fruit kabobs, vegetable platters with low fat dips or even whole wheat ‘mini wraps?’

Day also advocates ‘passed hors d’oeuvres,’ handed out by you or hired staff, and passed ‘short plates’ (mini courses), in order to satisfy without over-indulging. A buffet-style setup is convenient, but might tempt guests to pile a bit too much food on their plates.


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