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Party Time: Select Your Soundtrack & Go Green

By Kristine Archer

6. Select your soundtrack
Music selection can be tricky, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to avoid alienating anyone.

“You have to know your crowd,” Korey says. “If you’re planning a mix-and-mingle adult party, perhaps a little classic rock would be great, along with some top-40 tunes. If you’re planning a kids party, a mix of fast-paced tunes and summertime pleasers would work best.”

Day suggests compilations of  ‘chill-out’ or lounge-style music especially designed for summer events. “Anything tropical, calypso-inspired or Spanish-themed can be mixed in to please everyone,” he adds.

7. Go green
There are many simple ways to make your gathering a little more environmentally friendly. Rental companies can provide reusable glassware (resin models are available as well, to avoid the risk of poolside broken glass). Also, skip the bottled water to cut down on waste. Stang suggests separate garbage and recycling bins in the party area, so guests can throw away any trash accordingly.

There are also other more unique ways to help the Earth while still enjoying yourself.
“If catering your event, investigate menus that use local foods,” Day says. “Anything you do to create less of a footprint will benefit the planet.”

This article is part 5 of 7 of Party Time!

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