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How to Bring Exercise to the Backyard: Out of the Water

By Kristine Archer

If you’re still considering getting a pool or spa, or are in the process of having one installed, there are still ways to enjoy an outdoor workout out of the water. Many of the exercises you may already be doing indoors can be easily brought into the summer sunshine. Yoga mats, aerobic steps, exercise balls and free weights—they are just as effective on the patio as they are in the living room or basement. Avoid using the lawn, however, unless you have an extremely level backyard. Trying to strike a yoga pose near a slope or gradation could quickly lead you to lose your footing and risk injury.

For those looking to recreate a more traditional gym outdoors, there are some exercise equipment manufacturers that offer gym-style gear designed specifically for outdoor use. Though they can sometimes resemble playground equipment, these gadgets offer all the staples of the gym, from elliptical cross-training and stationary bicycling to strength and stretching exercises. For those with enough space (and a big enough budget), many backyard designers can even incorporate full tennis and basketball courts into your dream oasis.


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