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Party Time: Hire Help

By Kristine Archer

8. Hire help
While it may seem excessive to some, hiring outside help—from waiters to caterers to cleaning staff—can make your event a much more enjoyable experience. Plus, you will be relived of the guilt that may accompany asking your guests for a helping hand.

If you do plan on hiring outside help, be sure to make arrangements well in advance.

“People like to wait until the last minute, only to find many companies are booked on that very same day,” Stang says. For larger events, she advises making arrangements six months in advance. “Then you only have to take care of the finishing touches in the end.” She also notes, when hiring help, it’s best not to scrimp.

“People will decide to go with really cheap companies, only to find themselves disappointed,” Stang adds. “The old rule is true—you get what you pay for.”

If you’re afraid staffing costs will test the limits of your budget, consider going light on the hiring.

“Even it’s just one person to help replenish what’s on the table or clean up the loose napkins, it’s a nominal cost for two or three hours that will really save your energy and allow you to enjoy your party,” Korey says.

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