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All-Natural Spa Fragrances

By John B. Dutton

When you own a hot tub you need to take care of a complex piece of machinery and ensure the water it contains is free from harmful microbes. That means adding chemicals that have a negative side effect: you wind up smelling like chlorine. The solution many spa owners choose is to add a fragrance to the water. Unfortunately, whatever goes in your
spa, ends up in your skin.

Choose Your Hot Tub Additives Wisely!

The secret is to choose your additives wisely. A dip in the hot tub can be highly therapeutic, but osmosis causes the spa water to seep into your skin. Who wants to be a chemical sponge? Many fragrances at the cheaper end of the spectrum are manufactured overseas in non-regulated environments where the exact chemical composition of the products is unmonitored. However, there is an alternative for spa users who care about what their skin absorbs in a spa and would like to enjoy the beneficial effects of natural fragrances.

Look For Natural Ingredients

Therapeutic fragrances made from Epsom salts and natural dried extracts are widely available both in stores and online. The beneficial effects of bathing in Epsom salts have been acknowledged for centuries, while dried natural extracts ensure you don’t have to worry about what’s getting under your (and your family’s) skin. These additives not only make your hot tub dip a more relaxing and pleasant experience, the best-in-class are developed and produced in North America using the highest quality ingredients.

The most trusted therapeutic fragrance companies have in-house research and development departments, and have built up a solid reputation for delivering on their promises of all-natural products and a better bathing experience.

Natural Fragrances Create Less Mess

Another bonus to adding natural therapeutic fragrances to your spa is that water-based products do not create foam, unbalance the water or leave a rim around the tub. They are 100 per cent safe for both spas and baths, and they leave you feeling relaxed in mind and body. Isn’t that what a soak in the spa should be all about?

Next time you’re at your local spa dealer, ask a store expert to show you their selection of all-natural therapeutic fragrances—because peace of mind leads to peace of body!

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