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A Guide to Hot Tub Installation: Delivery and Placement

By Doug Gillespie

Photo courtesy Hydropool Industries

As a general rule of thumb, people like to trust their ‘gut,’ rather than be bogged down in seemingly endless statistics and figures. However, when it comes to hot tub installations, going with your gut can get you in big trouble.

Needless to say, proper hot tub installation is very important. While there are many types of installations to consider (outdoor versus indoor, inground versus onground, in-deck versus on-deck, etc.), the following tips can help you, no matter where you plan to enjoy your spa.

1. Have a Delivery Plan

Be sure to measure any entrances to your backyard before ever buying a hot tub. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when special equipment like cranes can cost upwards of $700. In general, gates are 1-m (3.3-ft) wide, sliding glass doors are 2-m (6.5-ft) wide and front doors are 0.7-m (2.5-ft) wide. If you are unsure whether a hot tub will fit, make sure to ask the salesperson to send someone out to your home to take measurements.

2. Perfect Hot Tub Placement

When it comes to placement, a good rule of thumb is ‘the closer, the better.’ Statistically speaking, if the hot tub is located within 1.5 m (5 ft) of the back door, it will get 50 per cent more usage than one located 4.5 m (15 ft) away. That perfect spot at the far reaches of your property might have a great view of the house, but consider the opposite view. It is difficult to enjoy your hot tub if you don’t even want to travel the distance to get there (especially on a cold winter night).


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