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How Long Will Your Pool Liner Last: Maintaining Sanitizer Levels

By Jason Mitchell

In addition to keeping your pool water properly balanced, a sanitizer level must be maintained to keep your pool water free of bacteria and algae. The most widely used sanitizers in the pool industry are chlorine and bromine. Whichever sanitizer you use in your pool, it is imperative the appropriate sanitizer level is maintained:

  • Chlorine—one to three parts per million (ppm)
  • Bromine—three to five ppm

If chlorine or bromine levels are allowed to become too high, it will create water balance problems, which will also have a negative affect on your pool liner and mechanical equipment. Salt water pools are not immune to fluctuations in water balance. In fact, they still generate chlorine and as a result, the chlorine level still has to be managed and maintained at appropriate levels. Salt water systems are set to produce chlorine at various intervals. If these intervals are too frequent, it can lead to higher than desired sanitizer levels, which in turn shortens the life of your pool liner. More specifically, the liner will lose its elasticity and develop permanent wrinkles, which can lead to further problems with pool cleaning and maintenance. It should also be noted, when dealing with a salt water pool, salt levels must be maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications. Each salt system requires different levels of salt for optimal performance; consult the manufacturer of your salt system to be sure your pool is operating at the appropriate level.


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