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Pool Renovation Case Study: Part 2 — Demolition Time

By Jodi Libralesso

Photo courtesy of Jodi Libralesso

The pool’s plastic coping was cracked in various spots, creating jagged edges that could prove hazardous to swimmers, while the concrete pool surround had several cracks from many years of winter freeze/thaw cycles.

The first step in the renovation included the use of a jackhammer to break up the concrete pool surround. This turned out to be more time consuming than planned, as in some spots the concrete was up to 203 mm (8 in.) thick. Ultimately, it took two days to break up and remove the concrete.

Finally, the unsightly liner was pulled away and the coping removed. The pool’s original galvanized-steel panel walls were inspected and determined to be in good shape, allowing them to be re-used.

Once the concrete and original coping were removed, the ground surface surrounding the pool was initially prepared using a tamper (a tool with a long handle and flat metal head, used in a ‘stomping’ motion) to create a smooth surface to walk on and work around the pool.


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