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Backyard Buildings: Planning and Design

By Kristine Archer

Photo courtesy of Limestone Trail

With these options in mind, it is time to start planning. Amanda Steeves of OpenAire Inc., which designs, manufactures and installs custom retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights, says today’s consumer often has a vision of what they want in their yard. The key to making those visions a reality is to find the right vendor and do your research.

“Look for a reputable and established firm who has both design and technical expertise,” Steeves suggests. “Involve potential vendors in the planning stages—experienced firms will be able to provide you with expert advice, guidance and design concepts. Also, visit some of the company’s previous projects to get the full experience of their solutions. Starting early will allow you to understand the full range of options available.”

Wanda Searle of Limestone Trail, which offers pool cabanas, garden buildings, gazebos and glass houses, agrees that preparation and research are the keys to a successful purchase.

“Plan, plan, plan,” Searle says. “When you have an idea, ask for consultations with designers, builders and use experts where you can.” “Backyard structures can be custom designed to fit with any décor, such as wood, stone, slate, standing seams, stucco, block and brick,” Steeves adds.

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