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How Long Will Your Pool Liner Last: What’s Involved in Replacing My Liner?

By Jason Mitchell

Photo courtesy of The Pool Craft Company Ltd.

Several steps must be performed before your new liner can be installed. First, your pool must be drained and the liner removed. Next, your pool needs to be measured for the new liner. It is imperative to have accurate measurements to ensure the liner fits nicely and has not been overly stretched to fit your pool. If measurements are not precise, the liner will be stretched beyond its limit and won’t last as long as it should.

Once your pool has been measured, preparation of the pool floor and walls, prior to installing the liner, are also key. At this stage it is common to see some minor cracks in your pool’s floor and some surface rust on the sidewalls. Both of these areas must be addressed prior to installing your new liner to ensure its integrity will not be compromised. For instance, minor cracks will be grinded and filled with a hydraulic cement to prevent them from spreading, while rust stains will also be grinded and
treated with a rust-inhibiting paint.


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