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Pool Renovation Case Study: Part 4 — New Plumbing and Stonework

By Jodi Libralesso

Photo courtesy of Jodi Libralesso

To accommodate the additional circulation and plumbing features Jason wanted to include in the renovation, five return lines  were installed—two for the existing jets, one for an additional jet to be installed in the shallow end to improve water circulation, another to feed the planned solar heating system and the final line to feed the water feature.

The suction lines from the skimmer and main drain were also replaced with new pipes and an additional suction line was introduced to supply an independent vacuum line to facilitate powerful vacuuming without having to use the skimmer.

With the plumbing lines installed and buried around the pool’s perimeter, the next step was to lay the paving stones. This part of the project, again, required assistance from friends and co-workers to lug numerous wheelbarrow loads of stone from 10 skids in the driveway to the backyard.

Stone placement was completed by Jason to maintain straight lines and a consistent pattern. The installation took two days, while an additional two days were required to install the border stones and cut the numerous edge pieces to create clean lines and curves.


This is 4 of 7 in Pool Renovation Case Study

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