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Backyard Buildings: Staycations and Extending the Season

By Kristine Archer

Photo courtesy of OpenAire Inc.

Backyard buildings are also a great choice if you are looking to create a more elaborate getaway in your backyard, instead of facing the increased hassles of travel.

“Why take the risk of travelling when you can have the same tropical atmosphere in your own backyard?” David Martin of Dundalk Enterprises says.

“Backyard structures give you the ability to relax at the end of the day and entertain,” Wanda Searle of Limestone Trail explains.

She says larger structures, which often combine a building and seating area, can provide a shaded gathering place, added storage and even an entertainment centre, allowing you to fully maximize your backyard.

Backyard buildings can also provide a way for you to enjoy your backyard no matter the weather. Pool enclosures, for example, allow for swimming not only on a rainy summer day, but also on a crisp fall morning.

“If you are building a backyard structure over a pool, look for companies that offer aluminum structures, which withstand caustic chemical environments and are maintenance-free,” says Amanda Steeves of OpenAire Inc.

While traditionally used to enclose a pool, these structures can also be used as an outdoor space. Steeves says enclosures can include several features and upgrades, including sidewalls that can open to provide fresh air, thermal breaks and vapour barriers to control condensation and air filtration, and optional rain sensors that automatically pull the  enclosure into place during a storm.

“These structures are versatile for any type of building, whether it be a new construction, renovation, retrofit or custom application,” Steeves says.


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