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How Long Will Your Pool Liner Last: What Options Can Be Added Along With a New Liner?

By Jason Mitchell

Photo courtesy of The Pool Craft Company Ltd.

When installing a liner, several options are available to upgrade or modernize your pool. For example, one of the more popular add-ons associated with liner replacement is a salt water system. This is a bit of a misconception, however, as a salt system can be added anytime, although it seems to be a common upgrade with new liners. However, if you are renovating your pool and replacing the pool deck at the same time, your options are almost endless. You can replace your aged pool deck with flagstone, natural stone or paving stones, add water features (natural stone or sheer decent), deck jets, various lighting packages or the ever-popular jumping or landscape rock. In either case, the look of a new liner will give your backyard a refreshing, upgraded appearance.


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