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Pool Renovation Case Study: Part 5 — New Patio and Play Space

By Jodi Libralesso

Photo courtesy of Jodi Libralesso

To ensure the new liner fit perfectly, Jason hired a professional to take the multiple measurements of his pool. After recording the measurements, the liner was ordered and was set to arrive in one week.

While waiting for the liner, Jason carried on with the renovation. As the backyard’s existing layout left little room for seating and lounging, a new patio was built behind the house in an area that was once a garden. The addition of this patio added 56 m2 (600 sf) of functional space and provided the perfect place to put a dining table and chairs. The patio flowed naturally from the deck off the back of the house and was set one step above the adjoining, interlocking patio stone pool surround.

A previously unused portion of the yard, between the new patio and wooden fence, was transformed into a play space for his toddler. The area includes an evergreen tree that produces natural shade and relief from the afternoon sun. Branches were trimmed from the lower portion of the tree to allow people to walk beneath it, while the ground was levelled off and covered with wood chips to cushion the terrain underneath the children’s toys and outdoor playground equipment.


This is 5 of 7 in Pool Renovation Case Study

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