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A Guide to Hot Tub Installation: Covers and Privacy

By Doug Gillespie


Photo courtesy of Hydropool Industries

8. Hot Tub Cover Options

This is an ften overlooked (and frequently disappointing) aspect of an installation. Though necessary, covers are generally unattractive, awkward to handle, a pain to store and expensive to replace. However, there are many options that can be purchased with every hot tub to help ease the pain. There are also multitudes of cover lifters on the market. Some use pistons to help in the lifting process. Others drop down right behind the hot tub, while others can act as a simple shelf to store the cover and allow a clear view on all sides.

9. Protect Your Privacy

As houses continue to get closer and closer together, privacy is a big problem for families who would like to enjoy their hot tubs without the prying eyes of 10 nosy neighbours watching their every move. To combat this, consider installing a gazebo or umbrella; a cover with a high standing lifter might also be enough to block you from public view.


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