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A Guide to Hot Tub Installation: Indoor Installation

By Doug Gillespie

Photo courtesy of Hydropool Industries

7. Tips for Installing Hot Tubs

An entire book could be dedicated to proper indoor hot tub installations. Most indoor installations are done during renovations or new builds, which means you have a blank landscape to do the things you need to do to make an indoor installation really stand out. There are also several things you can do to make an indoor installation easier to execute, service and maintain:

  • Plumb a water line directly into the hot tub so you don’t have to drag a hose over the floor every time you need to fill or drain it.
  • Be sure to have a control system that will turn on to exhaust the humidity in the room when it exceeds a certain level.
  • Install floor drains to take care of the excess water that is spilt when getting in and out of the hot tub.
  • Look for a company that will customize your hot tub to best suit your installation.


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