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Adding a Backyard Playground: Maintaining the Play Set

By Margaret Mierke

Photo courtesy of Northland Recreation Supply

All play sets should receive regular maintenance, including monthly tightening of all hardware and regular inspections to make sure the components are not broken or rusted. Wood play sets should be pressure washed and stained regularly.

Maintenance will not only keep your play set safe, it will also keep it looking new, which can add to the resale value once your kids outgrow the set. If any of the following conditions are noted, they should be removed, corrected or repaired immediately to prevent injuries:

  • Protrusions, projections and loose or worn hardware;
  • Exposed equipment footings;
  • Metal components with rust or chipped paint;
  • Splinters, large cracks and decayed wood;
  • Deterioration and corrosion of structural components that connect to the ground; and
  • Missing or damaged components (e.g. handholds, guardrails, swing seats, etc.).


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