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Low Maintenance Landscapes: Tip 6 — Put Your String Trimmer Away

By Clayton Ditzler

Photo courtesy of Clayton Ditzler

You might occasionally find someone who claims they like mowing grass or weeding, but I have yet to meet someone who likes edging. Installing man-made edging along the transitions between turf and beds, with good quality polyethylene, concrete or metal, keeps grass from creeping into the beds. It also virtually eliminates the need for string trimming or mechanical edging, as it allows your lawnmower to overlap, giving a clean edge. Construct edging with straight lines or gently flowing curves, as this will be most pleasing to the eye. Avoid tight curves. They are more complicated and will increase the amount of edging required to get the job done. Curved edges are also difficult and time-consuming to overlap with a mower.


This is tip 6 of 10 in Low Maintenace Landscapes

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