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Pool Renovation Case Study: Part 6 — A New Liner

By Jodi Libralesso

Photo courtesy of Jodi Libralesso

With the liner due to arrive, the pool’s steel-wall panels were scraped and cleaned thoroughly, while the concrete floor was completed to ensure a smooth surface for the liner to lie against. This job, however, turned out to be larger than anticipated due to the concrete bits that had fallen into the pool during the demolition stage, along with some mortar that had spilled onto the sides of the pool during the coping stone installation.

When the liner arrived, Jason installed it with help from another friend who owns his own pool company. Timing is extremely important when installing a pool liner; once it is installed it should immediately be filled with water to avoid it from being overly heated and stretched by the sun.

The city truck arrived just in time and accessed the fire hydrant down the street. The liner was draped and placed around the pool and eased into the new, double-channel liner track and immediately filled with water. This liner track was selected to allow a custom winter cover to be used, rather than having to close the pool in the winter using a cumbersome tarp and water bags. By using the fire hydrant, the pool was filled in just over an hour.

With the pool full of water, the next step was cutting through the liner to install the trim for the jets, main drain and skimmer. A light was also added to the shallow end to extend the enjoyment of the pool into the evening hours.

Finally, plumbing lines were installed and run underground to the side of the house. Here, the lines were attached to the exterior of the home and up to the roof to feed the solar panels. As the solar panels were optimally positioned to have southern exposure, it was estimated five panels would be sufficient to heat the pool.


This is 6 of 7 in Pool Renovation Case Study

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