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Pool Renovation Case Study: Part 7 — The Finishing Touches

By Jodi Libralesso

Photo courtesy of Jodi Libralesso

The finishing touches, which included placing decorative rocks and boulders around the pool’s perimeter, also presented some challenges. For instance, the existing ‘diving rock,’ which was rolled out of the construction zone prior to demolition, now needed to be rolled back into place. With his budget in mind, rather than renting a Bobcat to move the rocks, Jason was assisted by his fellow co-workers to tackle this labour intensive part of the project. To move them, they used the time honoured method of laying several steel bars on the ground and using additional bars to move the stones inch by inch.

Additional rocks were also added to the kidney-shaped pool’s inside curve to create a waterfall feature.

The renovation’s final step was converting the old chlorine system to a new saltwater chlorinator, as Jason hoped this would provide a comfortable swimming experience, as well as lower the pool’s day-to-day maintenance requirements.

With the renovation completed, Jason and his family were able to enjoy their first swim in their modern and up-to-date pool before the season ended. Now, Jason plans to install an aluminum fence around the pool to increase the safety for their toddler.


This is 7 of 7 in Pool Renovation Case Study

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