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A Guide to Hot Tub Installation: Critters and Creepy Crawlies

By Doug Gillespie

Photo courtesy of Hydropool Industries

10. Keeping Your Hot Tub Critter Proof

Rodents would love to have a warm place like a hot tub to live during those cold winter months; they’d even have something to chew on! These days, most hot tubs are built with rodent-proof cabinets—however, mice can still fit through the cracks in a floor vent and wasps are drawn to cedar. Make sure the installation is fully sealed so no unwanted guests can get in.

Hot tub installations are part of some of the most beautiful backyard projects in the world—and yours can easily be among them. By planning your installation well, and following these guidelines, you too can enjoy the well being and stress relief only hot tubs can provide.


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