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Low Maintenance Landscapes: Tip 10 — Adding Focal Points

By Clayton Ditzler

Photo courtesy of Clayton Ditzler

Beauty and visual interest need not be sacrificed to create a low-maintenance landscape. Sometimes a higher-maintenance item can be included; the key is achieving the right balance. Instead of a big bed of annuals, consider a grouping of containers positioned where you will see and appreciate them the most. In fact, instead of resource-heavy annuals, try filling the containers with succulent (water-retaining) plants, such as sedums or ornamental grasses.

Bigger-ticket focal points can also be suited to fit a low maintenance landscape. For example, a water feature need not take a lot of time to maintain. Consider a ‘pondless’ water feature, which utilizes a buried reservoir rather than a pond to recirculate water from a smaller, self-contained unit. This will provide you with the sound of water and attract some wildlife, without significant upkeep. Sculptures or garden art are also great low-maintenance ways to provide a focal point to the landscape.

Enjoy Your Space

Esthetics are important, but so is taking the time to appreciate your backyard. By following some of these guidelines, you can reduce the time you spend maintaining your oasis and spend more time enjoying it.


This is tip 10 of 10 in Low Maintenance Landscapes

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