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Low Maintenance Landscapes: Tip 9 — Use Irrigation to Your Advantage

By Clayton Ditzler

Photo courtesy of Clayton Ditzler

Perhaps someday water will become too valuable to use on ornamental spaces. Until then, irrigation can be used to your advantage in a low-maintenance landscape. Investing in a professionally designed and installed automatic underground irrigation system will yield considerable savings, whether it’s the time you save dragging around hoses and sprinklers or reduced water consumption. By using zones, specialized heads or drip techniques, irrigation systems can be programmed to apply appropriate amounts of water exactly where and when it is needed. Automatic systems can also be run at the optimum time of day to maximize effectiveness and reduce wasted water, thus saving you money.

Properly irrigated turf is stronger and healthier, and therefore better able to sustain traffic and suppress weeds. Irrigation on ornamental plants (e.g. shrubs, perennials beds) helps establish these areas quicker, which also reduces weeding.


This is tip 9 of 10 in Low Maintenance Landscapes

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