Thanksgiving home accessories you will be grateful for

Though turkey and stuffing are normally top priorities for most on Thanksgiving, a cozy and well-decorated home is not far behind.

Snuggling by the fireplace with your family and a warm blanket after dessert is one of the best feelings and its even better surrounded by holiday-themed decor and appliances.

Below are a few must-haves for families gathering to celebrate each other during this autumn holiday and looking...

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Comfort and Elegance

After purchasing a custom-built home in Toronto’s Lawrence Park, an area of the city which comprises medium-sized homes on narrow but deep lots, this client called upon QPS Landscape and Pool Professionals, also in Toronto, to build them the ultimate outdoor retreat.
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Using Light to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor lighting is a crucial yet often forgotten component to many beautiful alfresco living spaces. Luminosity tells the story after dark by providing a visual harmony between the home and landscape. Plus, current studies show outside leisure areas are used most often in the evening, thus proving a well-thought-out lighting plan can provide not only a magical world of drama and mystery, but also extend the use of your outdoor living area.
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Modern Infusion

The purpose of this backyard design was to entertain family and friends and create an outdoor retreat that was comfortable to host a variety of guests—from kids to adults.
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Clean Sweep: Expert Advice on Maintaining Your Pool or Hot Tub

Increasingly, pool and spa owners are discovering just how relaxing regular maintenance can be. Spending a quiet Saturday afternoon skimming leaves and twigs from the surface of the water while you work on your tan and enjoy the fresh air is a perfect way to unwind after a hectic...
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