A Secluded Resort

April 25, 2016

This backyard offers multi-season gratification


Project by Oasis Pools Ltd.

This sleek, simplistic, and streamlined backyard creation by Oasis Pools Ltd., in Burlington, Ont., was carefully designed to provide this Grimsby, Ont., homeowner an enjoyable, three-season entertaining area, complete with outdoor kitchen and fireplace, making it perfect for dinner parties and large gatherings.

To do this, Oasis Pools collaborated with the client and other contractors involved in the project to create various elements, which all work in harmony to create a regal-like setting nestled within the heavily wooded property. In fact, the 6.1- x 12.2-m (20- x 40-ft) rectangular gunite concrete pool, along with its many features, exquisitely contrasts with its surroundings without looking out of place.

The pool, which has a 1-m (3.5-ft) shallow end that slopes to a 2.6-m (8.5-ft) deep end, also features an attached, elevated 2.1-m (7-ft) circular hot tub. Pool entry staircases are located on either side of the hot tub, which includes an eloquent waterspout that pours into the pool’s shallow end. Opposite the staircases, two semi-circular benches can be found in each corner of the pool’s deep end, where bathers can relax in the water or use them to ingress/egress.

The glass tile detailing used on all in-pool features were carefully selected to not only add beauty, but also provide safety. Further, the tile’s various shades of blue co-ordinate perfectly with the expansive interlocking concrete paver deck and complement the cast-in-place, buffed aggregate pool coping.

The same tile was also used to highlight two raised, symmetrical pillars, which rise up from the pool’s deep end on both sides of the diving board. These architectural features help bring the pool to life as each contain a 1-m (3-ft) water sheer, which create soothing sounds of moving water. At night, fire bowls atop the pillars provide additional dramatic appeal. LED lighting with a colour wheel option also allows the homeowner to illuminate the pool area according to the mood they want to set.

Automated controls integrated with the existing house system, along with a handheld remote, make it easy to control the pool’s mechanical systems and other features such as the hot tub, lighting, and waterfall/fire bowl pillars.

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Oasis Pools Ltd.
Burlington, Ont.
Tel: 905-637-7711
Special Design Elements
  • Rectangular, gunite pool
  • Two, waterfalls/fire bowl pillars
  • Glass tile detailing
  • Outdoor kitchen and fireplace
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