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ATV Swim Spa
By Marquis

Marquis_ATVTo meet growing demand, Marquis® has expanded its ATV™ swim spa line to include two 5.2-m (17-ft) models called the Sport and Kona. Both swim spas offers expanded swim and workout versatility with an additional 9.1 m (3 ft) in length and 127 mm (5 in.) in height (1.35 m [4.4 ft] total water depth). The Kona is equipped with two 1363 litres per minute (lpm) (360 gallons per minute [GPM]) two-speed pumps and six Whitewater 4™ swim end jets to create an open-water swim experience. Two additional buoyancy jets on each side of the vessel provides mid-to lower torso lift during swim exercises, giving bathers a unique body position in the water during their workout. Both models also feature twin-end tether points to enable a range of exercises, as well as a full-depth and cooldown therapy seats.

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