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Backyard Parties: An Eco-Friendly Event


By Kristine Archer

Worried about the impact your summertime bash will have on the environment? Not to worry—here are a few simple ways to make your gathering a little less harmful to the planet.

  • If you can afford it, rent reusable tableware and glassware from a rental company, instead of disposable ones. If you opt to use single-use plates and cutlery, look for those made from recycled materials or that are themselves recyclable.
  • Skip the individually bottled drinks to cut down on waste. Serve from larger bottles or use reusable decanters filled with filtered tap water and other beverages.
  • Put out separate bins for garbage, food waste and recyclables to allow guests to throw things away accordingly.
  • Go local with your party menu. Investigate nearby farmers markets and other sources for locally grown and/or organic food options.
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