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BBQ’d Burgers

_openerBy Mackenzie Taylor

First let’s address a common misconception.  Extra lean ground beef is not always the best thing to use. It’s dry, tasteless, except for that weird liver aroma (think about that for a minute) and soul killing. So, when we go to make the burgers we want to start with medium ground beef–don’t freak out, the extra fat is going to render out of the meat when grilled. For extra flavour and juiciness, combine half-minced pork with your beef. Tasty!

This one is nice and easy.

Make the burgers

Sweat off: (you remember how to sweat onions right?)1 small onion diced fine (tiny)

Let cool.

Combine with:

8 oz of ground meat for each burger you plan on barbequing.
For each pound of meat mix in 2 tbsp of the Bourbon BBQ Sauce you made for the pork.
For every 2 pounds of meat toss in a raw beaten egg.
For every pound of meat mix in 2 tbsp crushed crackers.

Pack mixture into 8oz balls.
Flatten your balls into ¾ inch thick patties.

Time to grill

Pre-heat your BBQ to 400F

Place burgers on the grill.

4 minutes flip!
4 minutes flip! Rotate 45 degrees
4 minutes flip! Rotate 45 degrees
4 minutes…remove!

Okay juices should be running clear, by clear I mean not bloody red, if they’re not, flip your meat and gently (don’t burn) cook some more!

Time to eat

Serve on fresh bun lightly toasted on the grill, with your favourite burger fixings:

Fresh torn Boston Bibb lettuce
Your favourite cheese*
Sliced kosher dills
Thick and juicy wedge of tomato (I said juicy! If it feels like an apple it won’t taste like a tomato)
Sliced Bermuda onion
Kozlik’s Canadian mustard
Your own world famous Bourbon BBQ Sauce 

*A word on cheese. The problem with melting cheese is the more flavour a hard cheese has, the less likely it is to melt well. In other words, aged, low moisture cheeses do not melt nicely. If you’re okay with that and you’re hung up on cheddar, jack or Swiss, then go for something with zip, such as a 10-year smoked cheddar. If you still want that ooey gooeyness, then go for a soft but tangy cheese that has flavour, perhaps a borgonzola or aged goat’s brie.

Bon Appetit

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