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Bring in the Pros to Ensure a Trouble-Free Backyard Pool Project

A professional can advise on where best to place features such as sitting areas to optimize space and flow of traffic.


When considering hiring a particular company or person, ask for testimonials or contact information for recent clients to get a sense of their work ethic and ability to manage the project. A professional pool and hot tub company will gladly provide this assurance. Ask the clients whether they enjoyed working with the company. Were they polite, on time, good at communicating, and helpful when asked questions? Also, did they leave the site clean and was support available for after-service and maintenance? Was staff readily accessible and accountable? Most importantly, ask whether these former clients would recommend the company to friends and family.

Ownership and Warranty Coverage

Take into consideration that a pool or hot tub expert will have experience with water care programs and ongoing service. Ask about these details before you hire a contractor, as it will make ownership easier knowing there is a trusted source for effortless water care and warranty coverage. Some companies offer an in-house lab for testing pool and hot tub water with a printed analysis or prescription. Ask if they recommend a certain program for sanitizing the water to meet Health Canada criteria. Check whether the company offers weekly maintenance and spring opening and fall closing services, as well as whom to contact for warranty service. If these in-house services aren’t offered, ask who they recommend so it’s easy to get service when required.

When hiring a professional, ask to see examples of previous work to give you a sense of their design esthetic and skill set.

Building Codes

The benefit of hiring a pool/hot tub builder or retailer in your community is they are familiar with building codes and local bylaws. Make sure you ask what permits are required and who is responsible for getting them. Since this is their area of expertise, they may offer this service and know how to easily navigate the nuances of specific properties. For instance, if you live on a ravine or in an area protected by a conservation authority, there will be certain requirements in order to meet environmental regulations. A professional pool and hot tub installer will know the best way to contend with these issues to avoid any unexpected challenges.

Professional Associations

Many pool and hot tub professionals are members of the national, provincial, and/or local industry association, so be sure to ask what those are and visit the websites to learn about membership criteria. The benefit of membership in these associations is companies have access to professional development, shared learning, safety guidelines, and best practices, as well as peer exchange and annual awards. In the pool and hot tub industry, winning an award reflects a high level of pride and quality workmanship by the company, so look for those that have picked up an honour or two.

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