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Bring in the Pros to Ensure a Trouble-Free Backyard Pool Project

BonaVista Pools
Optional upgrades, such as automation of lights and other backyard features, are topics for which a professional can offer advice.

Smaller companies can benefit from these associations, as they allow them to operate as an independent business professional with the support of a larger collective. Industry specialists are able to collaborate with other like-minded professionals and share ideas that result in a more creative, higher-quality product and experience for the homeowner.

Some pool and hot tub professionals have attained educational accreditations, such as a professional engineer, landscape architect, or certified electricians or gas fitters. These designations offer peace of mind in knowing the professional values education and an additional level of expertise.


Given the Canadian climate and weather extremes, hiring an expert in the pool and hot tub industry can help ensure the project is built to withstand temperatures changes, which if not considered, can lead to very costly repairs. Hiring a pool or hot tub professional allows the benefit of years of experience and knowledge to assure a worry-free installation that increases your home’s value with a high-quality focal point.

Seeking a good fit from the companies you hire is the first step to creating your backyard oasis. Hiring pool and hot tub experts can ensure a positive experience with the best results, allowing continued enjoyment of the completed project for many years to come.

Melissa Brown is the president of BonaVista Pools in Toronto, a family-run, second-generation company her father, Bob Brown, started in 1969. She is a professional engineer (P.Eng.) who loves being in the field with her crew building pools. In her free time, Brown enjoys swimming in her custom concrete current pool with her four children. She can be reached via e-mail at

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