ChlorMaker DO™ (Drape-Over) Spa Saltwater SystemBy ControlOMatic

April 15, 2013

ChlorMaker DO Drape-Over Spa Saltwater System[1]ControlOMatic’s ChlorMaker DO™ (Drape-Over) spa saltwater system is an affordable way to retrofit any spa. Designed to reduce the maintenance requirements of your spa, ChlorMaker DO™ makes chlorine on a three-hour cycle and features adjustable output, automatic self-cleaning, salt level indication, and usage boost mode. After installing the push-button control panel to the spa skirting, add 0.7 kg (1.5 lb) of salt per 379 l (100 gal) of spa water, install the cell, and plug it in. The system is compatible with spas up to 4732 l (1250 gal).

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