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Create a mosquito-free haven
By NuTone

This summer, why not regain control of the backyard and enjoy all the hard work you have put into it, by keeping mosquitoes at bay using NuTone’s Haven mosquito repellent system. It provides a 40.8 m2 (440 sf) protection zone against all types of mosquitoes using a permanent system with four landscape fixtures to create an invisible barrier to keep these pesky bugs at bay. Safe for you and your pets, each fixture contains a vapourizer that releases an odourless, invisible, and silent repellent. Powered by a low-voltage cable, NuTone’s Haven is simple to install in five easy steps. The system reaches optimal performance within 15 minutes of activation and provides more than 216 hours of mosquito protection. After four hours, the system switches itself off automatically by way of the timer.

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