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Easy Pool ‘To-Dos’ to Ensure a Carefree Vacation

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A pool cover can help keep your pool free of leaves, debris, and bugs, making it easier to clean when you return from holiday.

4) Check All Gates and Enclosures

Speaking of perimeter safety, don’t forget to check all enclosures and gates are locked and that no one can get into your pool while you’re away. Check the periphery of your house as well to ensure there aren’t any boxes or chairs, for instance, which can be used to climb over your fence. Also, have a neighbour or friend check on your pool in your absence.

When thinking about who to ask to watch over your pool, consider a fellow pool owner to make it easy for you and them. Here’s a simple checklist of things they can do to ensure perfect pool health while you’re gone:

  • Empty the skimmer basket(s) and skim the pool surface;
  • Check enclosures and gates; and
  • Check the filter pressure and test the water with strips. (Don’t forget to give them some so they’re not searching around for them.)

Leave your contact details and check in with them on a regular basis, especially if you will be gone for more than a week.

5) Don’t Skip Regular Pool Maintenance

A pool’s chemical balance changes due to different weather conditions and debris that falls into the water. Therefore, consistent maintenance is essential.

If you are unable to find a friend or neighbour to help out, some companies offer a swimming pool ‘babysitting’ service. This may be worthwhile even if you’ll only be gone a week. Keep in mind that any interruption in regular maintenance may haunt you upon your return. You may even have to ‘shock’ your pool or acid wash stains. Neither one of these is a fun task to come home to from holiday.

6) Back from Vacation

When you return, test and treat the water, if necessary, add some more if it’s needed, and adjust the pH balance. You’re done—pour yourself a nice cool drink and get ready for your swim!

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your pool looking and feeling absolutely awesome. Yet, it’s also key to ensuring your pool is in the best shape possible when you return from a much-deserved getaway.

Now that you know what needs to be done, check this last item of your list and get ready to enjoy your vacation stress- and worry-free!

Sabine H. Schoenberg is a home improvement expert and author of kitchen design book, Kitchen Magic. She is also founder of PrimeSites, Inc., a luxury real estate and brokerage firm with celebrity clientele. Schoenberg has been featured on syndicated TV shows and has had her properties named in ‘Top Ten Homes around the World’ by Bellevue, Europe’s leading luxury home magazine. In her spare time, Schoenberg is a nationally certified race car instructor at Porsche Club of America.

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