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Eco-Friendly Pools

How to maintain a more eco-friendly swimming pool


By Dave Huxtable

‘Going green’ has become one of the fastest growing trends within the past decade. An increasing awareness of the benefits of environmental issues and eco-friendly technology not only has consumers looking for products and services that are kinder to the planet, it has started to change the way swimming pool manufacturers and service providers do business.

Of course, when it comes to pools, green is the last thing they should be—clear, clean water free of algae and other contaminants is a must. There are, however, some environmentally conscious ways of keeping your pool green without sacrificing safety and water quality.

By its very nature, a backyard swimming pool can be considered eco-friendly. After all, by creating an environmental oasis in your own backyard, you spend more vacation time at home, keeping your vehicle off of already busy highways. That said, there are environmental impacts to pool ownership, though they can be better managed with a new wave of eco-friendly options.

The four basic steps for maintaining an environmentally friendly swimming pool are:

  1. Always keep your swimming pool water properly filtered and sanitized;
  2. Keep the pool and surrounding area clean and debris free;
  3. Do not allow water to remain stagnant on top of your winter cover or in the swimming pool; and
  4. Open your pool early in the spring and close it late in the fall.

While adhering to these four rules, there are many specific areas to consider that can enhance the eco-friendliness of your backyard space.

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