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Elegant and Sleek

An exquisite example of integrating a pool and spa with a new home

Project by Roger Willis Contracting

Located along the shores of Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, this sleek, elegant backyard project serves to complement the contemporary architectural features of this custom-designed home. The homeowner was looking to design a residence that not only maximized indoor living, but also emphasized the outdoor lifestyle.

To do this, the outdoor living space comprised a pool and spa nestled among terraced patios and extensive landscaping, which were not only tightly integrated within the design of the home, but actually support a cantilevered section of the roof extending over the pool. To achieve optimum results, the exterior landscapes were designed in unison with the house.

Since these features were an integral part of the home’s design, installation of the pool, spa, and landscaping took place in tandem with the construction of the house. Careful planning and co-ordination of all sub-trades was crucial to the project’s success.

The 3.8- x 10.4-m (12.5- x 34-ft) cast-in-place concrete pool features a 2.4- x 2.4-m (8- x 8-ft) concrete spa located at one end. As the spa is raised slightly higher than the pool, two sides were designed to spill-over. To co-ordinate the two features, a dark-blue finish was used as well as 51- x 51-mm (2- x 2-in) natural stone tiling along the pool perimeter, spa overflow edge, and step markers.

To make the project more sustainable and energy efficient, the pool shell was completely insulated, while state-of-the art equipment such as variable-speed pumps (VSPs) with built-in timers, a backyard automation system, light-emitting diode (LED) colour lighting, and an automatic cover were installed.

The pool deck, surrounding terraces, and multiple stairs were finished with limestone pavers that have a sandblasted finish, while flamed black granite coping stones with a hand-chiselled edge were used along the pool’s perimeter to create contrast.

This project was a collaboration of skilled designers and contractors, including Roger Willis Contracting (pool and spa design and construction), award-winning home designer Andre Godin (home designer), and landscape architect Gino J. Aiello (master landscape plan for the property).

This project earned Roger Willis Contracting an award in the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada’s (PHTCC’s) 2016 Design & Construction Awards competition, as well as an Award of Excellence from the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association.

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Special Design Elements
  • Pool supports home’s large cantilevered overhang
  • Custom spill-over spa
  • Insulated, energy-efficient design
  • Hidden automatic pool cover


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