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Gleam Spa
By HotSpring Portable Spas

Gleam SpaWith room for eight, Hot Spring’s Gleam spa features 58 directional Precision® jets, 13 specialized hydrotherapy jets, and the patented Moto-Massage® DX moving jet, directing streams of water up and down the entire length of the bather’s back. The spa’s Raio® points‐of‐light system comprises 39 total interior underwater lights. It also features a backlit Vidro® ribbon waterfall and independently adjustable exterior sconce lighting. The Gleam’s FiberCor® insulation is four times denser than the foam used in most hot tubs, allowing for lower energy costs. Accessories include Hot Spring’s new wireless audio system with Bluetooth technology and an optional iPod- and iPhone‐ready in‐home dock, allowing owners to transmit music from almost any source in their home to the spa.

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