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Four bathing suit trends to try this summer

What bathing suit should I wear? This question—which often overwhelmes us as the tides of summer approach—can cause high levels of confusion and stress.

With so many cuts, colours, and prints available, making a choice is difficult. Thankfully, Pools, Spas & Patios has gone through a number of styles and put together four easy-to-wear swimwear trends to help you make a solid, ‘staycation’-worthy decision.

First on the radar: the classic one-piece. This universally flattering full-body look comes in a wide range of colours and cuts, including off-the-shoulder or deep-V necklines that work well for any silhouette.

For a practical option, try athleisure. Go for a sporty swimsuit that provides support and looks casual yet chic. To achieve the look, search for pieces with zippers, logos, and visible waistbands.

On the hunt for something a little cuter? Knots and bows are what you need. Tied-up sleeves, belts, and tops add a perfect and subtle feminine touch to simple swimwear.

Lastly, if you’re leaning toward an edgier style, go asymmetrical. One-sleeve swimsuits are an easy way to try something new without sacrificing comfort or signing up for regrettable tan lines.

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