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The hottest shades to wear by the pool this summer

As an essential summer accessory and eye protector, it is important to choose the right pair of sunglasses to wear while you lounge by the water. Can’t decide? Pool, Spas & Patios has put together a slideshow of four shady trends to help you narrow things down.

First off: a timeless choice. Cat-eye frames have been popular since the 1950’s and have continued to be worn on and off the runway with everything from dresses to jeans. The feminine and flattering shape goes with practically anything and can be found in so many sizes, textures, and colours. Try wearing them with a red lip and a polka dot swimsuit for the ultimate retro look.

If you are searching for something with a little more pop, look no further. Bright colours are what you need. Electric blue or neon green, striking shades are being embraced everywhere this season. If you’re hesitant to try them out, opt for a smaller frame and a simple suit to avoid any unwanted clashing.

Now that trends from the 2000’s are back, it is only fitting that designers are embracing logo-covered accessories. Though many are recreating past looks, they have also taken on new approaches to the iconic style. Instead of logos appearing only on frames, they have incorporated them onto the lenses themselves for a more subtle look. A simple wrap dress and strappy sandals would complement the trend perfectly.

For a simpler approach, why not try something geometric? Hexagons, octagons, rectangles, and diamonds are just a few of the edgy shapes now available for eyewear. Often suggested for people with rounder faces, this angular trend adds sharpness to any outfit. Pair them with a sporty two-piece and a sleek ponytail to complete the look.

Scroll through the gallery below for inspiration.

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