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Time for a nap

Having fun in the sun may also mean incorporating shade for those extra hot days.

Patio furniture is much more durable than it used to be, not to mention more stylish. From daybeds to hammocks, modular lounge settings to expandable dining tables, the choices are endless and so are the fabric colours and patterns. Consider choosing a neutral fabric for the base cushions and updating the colour scheme with a different set of throw pillows every year.

Made in the shade

While many crave the sun, it’s a good idea to incorporate shade for those extra hot days. With various styles and colours to choose from, creating the perfect outdoor space for a peaceful or fun atmosphere is achieved with ease. Whether you need post umbrellas, cantilever, wall mounts, or shade sails, many manufacturers now offer state-of-the-art collections that add shade, privacy, and colour to any space, allowing for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Fitness and relaxation 

There are many reasons to create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor space, ranging from holding playful backyard pool parties, exercising, or creating a quiet space to read, nap, and lounge.

Hot tubs offer a welcome escape after a long day or a fresh start in the morning, helping with flexibility and elevating your mood. Add a bit of aromatherapy and the experience is that much more luxurious.

If you’re thinking about installing a pool but don’t have a lot of space, a swim spa may be one option, as it offers a big workout using a small footprint. Weather may also be a consideration. In Canada, swimming is often limited to a few summer months, but now you can swim year-round. In the summer, you can keep the swim spa’s temperature nice and cool, while in the winter, you can heat it up to 40 C (104 F).

A swim spa can be used all year round and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Imagine a place where you can exercise and the kids can play. A swim spa can create the perfect backyard retreat by combining fun, hydrotherapy, and aquatic training.

Swim spas can be installed either above-ground or inground, catering to all designs and esthetic aspirations, as well as adapting to changes in grade. With a smaller volume of water to treat and heat compared to a pool, they can be cost-effective to own and operate year-round.

Swimming is an amazing form of low-impact exercise, as the body is free from the harsh impact put on joints, ligaments, and connective tissues that is often associated with typical land-based movement. The pool or swim spa can also be used for deep-water walking or running, yoga, dynamic movement exercises, stretching, and much more.

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