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Outdoor Furniture: Get Comfy & Comfortable


By Nick Candeloro

With the recent emphasis on conversation seating, cushions have made their resurgence in the outdoor furniture market. With the popularity of solution-dyed acrylic fabric (e.g. Sunbrella® and Outdura®), these modern-day cushions are practical and stylish.

Colour options are virtually endless, with hundreds of shades, qualities and customization options available. In fact, given the number of Canadian cushion manufacturers, the ability to select a specific fabric of your choice is more common than ever. This makes fabric choice just as important a factor as design and material when selecting your outdoor furniture.

When selecting cushions, remember that you get what you pay for. Lower-priced polyester outdoor fabrics are less expensive for a reason. Most are not solution-dyed and will not have the same ultraviolet (UV) life as their acrylic counterparts. Most good acrylic fabrics hold their colour well, are easy to maintain and won’t make your outdoor furniture look old within a year of use, so choose your fabrics wisely!

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