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Pool and Hot Tub Cleanliness Checklist

Hot tubs

Hand-held vacuums—Operate using simple hydraulics and without the need for batteries or wires. They are positioned over sediment and debris and squeezed or primed to draw in sand and small pebbles. Some models feature an internal vacuum motor powered by a rechargeable battery.
Cartridge filter cleaners—Attached to the end of a standard garden hose, they feature soft rubber ‘fingers’ that separate the cartridge pleats, sending streams of water between them.
Water fill filters—Attached to a garden hose when refilling the hot tub with water, a hot tub filter traps fine particles.
Brushes—Attached to a standard or telescopic pole, non-scratch hot tub brushes feature a rubber edge and soft bristles in a semi-circular design to clean hard to reach areas inside the hot tub.
Pads & mittens—Specially designed to remove built-up grease and grime in hot tubs without damaging the surface of the hot tub shell.
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