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Slide Lid Shed
By Rubbermaid

Slide Lid ShedThe unique, low-profile design of Rubbermaid’s ‘Slide Lid Shed’ allows it to remain out of sight, below most fence lines to avoid changing sightlines in the backyard, while still remaining accessible. It is ideal for organizing swimming pool and backyard supplies and toys as the front portion of the roof slides over the back half, via rolling mechanism, making it easy to store and/or retrieve items from the shed. It measures 1.4- x 2- x 1.3-m (4.5- x 6.3- x 4.4-ft) and offers 9 m3 (96 cu. ft) of storage space to accommodate large, hard-to-store items such as lawnmowers and bikes. The shed, which can be assembled using basic hand tools, features a heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor and high-quality lap siding and trim to mimic the exterior of most homes.

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