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SolarPRO XF Solar Heating System
By Great American Merchandise and Events

SolarPRO XF Solar Heating SystemThe easy-to-install SolarPRO XF solar heating system from Great American Merchandise and Events (GAME) can add and energy-efficient and eco-friendly element to your backyard oasis. The device collects energy from the sun to heat a pool up to 10 degrees over the course of five days. Compatible with your pool’s existing pump, the SolarPRO XF does not add to overall fuel costs; to increase effectiveness and heating capacity, multiple heaters can be installed in sequence. Measuring roughly 0.8 m (35 in.) long, 1 m (40 in.) wide and 76 mm (3 in.) thick, each panel features a thin polycarbonate layer designed to protect it from dust and debris while supporting solar energy collection.

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