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Sweet and Sticky Chicken

bigstock-Chicken-satays-811174-PSP 15By Mackenzie Taylor

I am not fond of the word satay, I prefer meat-stick, or if I am being fancy I use brochette, which is French for meat-stick.

I use fresh Ontario chicken tenders and thighs for this recipe, which you can either de-bone yourself or ask for at your butcher (recommended).

How much chicken you ask?

Based on 2 skewers per person for 10 people (that makes 20 skewers, in case you have forgotten basic math!):

20 chicken tenders*
20 chicken thighs*

*tip: keep your tenders and thighs separate

First the Marinade


1 cup honey
½ cup good white wine vinegar
1 tbsp thyme, chopped
2 tbsp ginger, peeled, smashed and chopped
1 tbsp garlic, peeled, smashed and chopped
1 tsp preserved lemon, sliced (These are easy to make, Google: “how to make preserved lemons” and pick from any number of recipes!)
2 tbsp cilantro, chopped
Pinch of star anise


Combine all of the above in a bowl.

Pour half the marinade over the chicken and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, or overnight for spectacular results.

Save the remaining half of the marinade, in the refrigerator separately, for brushing on the chicken while grilling.

The Stick


Buy some 12-inch, fairly thick, wooden skewers (you weren’t sure where I was going with that, were you?).


Soak them in cold water for 1 hour before skewering your meat.

Skewer your meat


The skewers.
The marinated chicken.


Put the thigh on first, go back and forth through the thigh a couple of times as you slide it down the skewer. Then skewer the tender, bending it back and forth (like a squiggle), yes a ‘tender-bender’ (chef humour at its best!).

The Grill


The skewered chicken.


Pre-heat your BBQ to 750 F.

Turn it down to medium when you are about to put the chicken on the grill.

Do not leave the chicken unattended (the honey wants to burn, watch it like a hawk).

Place the sticks so the chicken is resting on the grill and the rest of the stick is hanging out.

Cook for about 4 minutes per side, brushing with extra marinade to ensure stickiness.

It is chicken, be sure to cook it all the way through. Check it! Do not trust my timing (all barbecues are different)!

Present on a platter with something fresh and green, or serve it right off the BBQ.

Bon Appetit

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