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Ultimate Pool
By Fabcote

Ultimate PoolDesigned at a constant depth of 1.2 m (4 ft), the pool is geared toward meeting consumer demand for shallower pools that allow for playing and lounging. Pools are available in seven different sizes ranging from 5.5-m to 8.5-m (18-ft to 28-ft) round sizes, as well as three oval sizes up to 5 m x 9.8 m (17 ft x 32 ft). A complete package pool includes aluminum dual-track liner lock, synthetic wood top seat, inground quality skimmer and return, all necessary hardware, drive stakes, top-quality ladder, and a Marigo Bay beaded liner. Durable batten board siding (round pools only), bracket kit joint covers for synthetic wood top seat, and a winter cover and solar cover package are optional.

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