BUILDER | Master Pools Calgary Calgary, Alta. Tel: 403-287-1660 Majestic VIEWS W Creating a mountainside aquatic oasis What is a resort without a swimming pool? In realizing a distinctive water amenity is key to creating a home away from home for guests, in addition to providing them with unique experiences, Master Pools Calgary was called upon to design and build the aquatic features for Hidden Ridge, a mountainside resort in Banff, Alta. The priority for this project was twofold. First, the desire for a large whirlpool and second, a swimming pool for kids and adults to enjoy a cool dip. However, the design had to maintain mountainous characteristics and highlight the views of the valley below and the mountains beyond. Like many swimming pool installations, inspiration was drawn from the landscape features on the property, which sits above the town of Banff on Tunnell Mountain. To take advantage of the picturesque site lines, two shelves were cut into the mountain ridge to install upper and lower pools. The upper, a 9.1- x 3.4-m (30- x 11-ft) whirlpool and lower 14.3- x 3.6-m (47- x 12-ft) calm pool were installed without compromising the panoramic view of the Bow River Valley afforded from the underwater benching in each pool. Both pools, built of cast-in-place concrete, sit adjacent to a 51-mm (2-in.) elevation change and have carved-concrete retaining walls. They also feature tiled water lines with quartz-aggregate finishes. Carved concrete was also used to create a bench area through the centre of the calm pool, while the area below the lower pool provides a seamless transition back to the natural mountain landscape. A large, carved-concrete deck, which was stained and sealed to match rock indigenous to the area, connects the two pools. The aquatic features also provide a gathering place for all to enjoy the nearby sauna, outdoor fireplace or warmth of the waters and breathtaking views. Assisting Master Pools Calgary with the general contracting for this project was KW Hines Contracting Ltd., in Canmore, Alta., while the original inspiration came from Gord Lozeman, Best of Banff Inc. Pools, Spas & Patios ■ 25 PSP_Annual_2011(1).indd 25 3/16/11 12:09:28 PM 2/8/11 3:13:25 PM