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BBQ’d Burgers

First let’s address a common misconception. Extra lean ground beef is not always the best thing to use. It’s dry, tasteless, except for that weird liver aroma (think about that for a minute) and soul killing. So, when we go to make the burgers we want to start with medium ground beef–don’t freak out, the extra fat is going to render out of the meat when grilled. For extra flavour and juiciness, combine half-minced pork with your beef. Tasty!

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Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork

Why is it that the mere thought of a slow roasted, smoked slab of fatty pork shoulder makes all men swoon and their eyes roll up in their heads in excitement? It probably has something to do with the fact that smoked pork roast on the BBQ is like heaven in your mouth (yes better than chocolate) and a great way to spend a sunny Sunday out on the deck ‘manning the BBQ’ and keeping a case of beer company…

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