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Creating Your Secret Garden

It’s the feeling you get when you imagine relaxing in a beautiful natural refuge—a calming and positive influence on your emotions, like a good vacation. Most of us have a secret garden image stored in our minds. It may be carried over from childhood or…

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The Small Garden

Whether by choice or circumstance, you have found yourself with a small garden space. The question is, how do you take advantage of the opportunity? Let’s look at ways we can make the most of a small space so that when it is finished, it is both beautiful and functional, and the last word people use to describe it is ‘small.’

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Hardscaping Options for Your Oasis

When most homeowners think of landscaping, images of flowers, shrubs and trees usually come to mind. While these elements are important, they are only one part of the picture. To be truly complete, most backyards also need an element to complement the softness and beauty of plant life—hardscaping.

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