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Tips for a Picture-Perfect Lawn

he first sign of spring can awaken the gardening enthusiast in many homeowners. Warmer weather brings with it the anticipation of barbecues with friends and lounging by the pool, all while admiring the beauty of your backyard. But what if you don’t have the green thumb to create the ultimate oasis for you and your guests to enjoy?

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Spring Lawn Care

It is always exciting when that first hint of spring hits the air, the winter snow begins to melt and your lawn finally starts to emerge from beneath a blanket of white. Those first signs of green can be invigorating after the dark, cold winter months; so invigorating that it is almost impossible not to run right out and get started on your lawn.

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More Spring Lawn Care Tips

As soon as the snow is gone, you may find a few piles of leaves left over from the fall, depending upon when your area had its first good snowfall. While it is important to remove any debris to allow sunlight to reach the grass plants, it is equally important to avoid a vigorous raking of the lawn until it has become fully green.

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